Can Drug Trafficking Charges be defended?

Drug Trafficking is a charge that has some fairly serious penalties associated with it.

The term of imprisonment is generally related to the quantity of illegal drugs that were alleged to have been trafficked. It can range from a fine for a one off sale, all the way to a decade or more behind bars for offences involving a large commercial quantity.

Trafficking charges can arise in two main ways. One can be found in possession of a quantity of  drugs that is deemed to be a traffickable quantity because of it’s weight being in excess of a legislative provision.

Chargesd can also arise from admissions made in telephone intercepts or in recorded interviews with the police.

Most defences revolve around the issue of whether the accused knew that the item trafficked was an illegal drug. Sometimes, it can be argued that the item itself was not actually an illegal drug, or the accused had an honest and reasonable belief that the item was not an illegal drug.

Such defences can be successful.

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