Melbourne Lawyers

The team at Joseph Burke Law defend all Criminal matters subject to prosecution by state and federal government agencies across Australia.

Our experience includes representation at all Victorian courts, including the Magistrates’ Court, the County Court and the Supreme Court.

When you need a criminal lawyer, you need them instantly. Waiting around for two weeks for an appointment is useless. It could be that the police have conducted a search or perhaps you have had to go attend court because of an intervention order.  In circumstances such as these, waiting to speak to a lawyer can be lead to bad outcomes.

For these reasons, Joseph Burke Law will give legal advice in criminal matters over the phone where necessary. You can call up at any time, and speak to a lawyer experienced in criminal law. An initial assessment of your situation will be made, and if necessary, an appointment can be booked, or immediate representation can be arranged.

If you need legal advice, just call 9008 6992.